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With over 10 years of experience, 32+ representative offices and linked firms, and over 30+ professionals in business consulting services, “Hong Kong Company Formation” has served over 10.000+ customers worldwide.

Hong Kong Company Formation

We offer personalize solutions for your Hong Kong company formation and post formation supports, related to legal services and corporate governance.

Account Opening Consultancy

Secure your global trading without currency restrictions through bank accounts in Hong Kong and other Asian financial hubs.

Accounting and Auditing

Our financial and accounting experts will protect your organization with cash management, accounting, and complex financial reporting.

Virtual Office

Easily rent any of our global virtual office to grow your business into new markets. Our virtual offices have full facilities, technology, our personal manager, and all you need to run your business successfully.

Nominee Director/Shareholder Services

Hiring a nominee director or shareholder to secure the identity and anonymity of the company owner by representing them on public documents relating to the company and non-governmental bodies.

Merchant account online

Get a merchant account for easy online payments world wide. With one connection, payments can be made in 190 countries, fraud can be managed globally, and more

Hong Kong trademark registration

Through our trademark registration service, we help clients protect their investments, grow their market share, and gain a competitive edge.


Your trusted partner and World leading Corporate Service

Over these 10 years, Hong Kong Company Formation Services has built and strengthened connections with over 10.000 clients and partners all over the world. We always do our best to deliver the most appropriate services possible in the field of corporate services provider consulting.

Hong Kong Company Formation Services has strategically placed its specialist teams in important locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, California, Irvine (USA), Vilnius (Lithuania), and Ho Chi Minh City to ensure that our services are available to all of our clients. In addition to these locations, we also have 32 additional offices, including represent offices and affiliated businesses, in key economic centers across the world.

Your trusted partner and World leading Corporate Service

Years Experience

10 +
Years of experience
32 +
Branches representative and associated companies
1500 +
Onboarding new clients annually with support.
10000 +
Worldwide clients
Working Process

How Hong Kong Company Formation take off your worry of expanding business globally


Optimized system

Begin at your preferred time. And minimize the time spent waiting for email exchanges.


Reducing paperwork and increasing productivity.

Digital KYC

Easily manage and declare your information using a standardized form and organizational chart.

Centralized management portal

Access company documents 24/7 on a highly secure cloud infrastructure, and stay on top of key compliance deadlines with automated reminders, eliminating your worry.
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