Yes, in Hong Kong, most businesses are required to obtain necessary business licenses and permits. The Business Registration Ordinance governs this requirement. It is mandatory for any person or entity carrying on a business in Hong Kong to apply for and obtain a business registration license within one month of the commencement of business operations.

The business registration license serves as proof that the business is registered and authorized to operate in Hong Kong. It contains important information such as the business name, business address, nature of the business, and the date of registration. The business licenses must be displayed at the business premises or carried by the person conducting the business.

There are exceptions for certain types of businesses, such as small-scale hawkers or charitable organizations, which may be exempted from the requirement of business registration. It is advisable to consult the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) or you can contact us at Hong Kong Company Formation for consulting to understand the specific requirements and exemptions based on your business type and activities in Hong Kong.

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