Step 1: Register, Provide Information, and Confirm the Order

  • Visit and complete the secure online registration form
  •  With accurate information, PayCEC will use this information to provide you with their services
  • Once PayCEC receives your order, they will send you a confirmation email
  • If you made any mistakes, you can update your information

Step 2: Website Review

  • World Payments Corporation will review your website to determine if it meets the requirements for using our services. We will evaluate the following
  • Compliance with terms and conditions of use
  • Prominent display of the vendor’s name on the site
  • Clear presentation of refund policy
  • Presence of a privacy policy
  • A detailed description of the product/service offered
  • Payment Guidelines

Step 3: Set Up Sandbox and Integrated Vendor Account

  • Once your website has been reviewed, PayCEC will provide you with a sandbox vendor account to test the payment features of your account. 
  • After you have completed testing, we will guide you through setting up your integrated vendor account on your website.

Step 4: Service Activation

  • Once your vendor account is integrated, PayCEC will provide you with a tool to monitor your daily transactions and fees.

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