There are a few ways to search for a Hong Kong company:

  • Online Business Registry: The Hong Kong government provides an online platform where you can search for registered companies. This platform is called the “e-Registry.” You can access it through the following link: On the homepage, click on “Company Search” to begin your search.
  • Hong Kong Company Registry: The Hong Kong Company Registry is a government agency responsible for registering and maintaining records of all companies registered in Hong Kong. You can visit their website at to search for registered companies.
  • Commercial databases: There are several commercial databases available that allow you to search for Hong Kong companies. Some of the popular ones include Dun & Bradstreet and Bloomberg.
  • Professional service providers: You can also engage the services of a professional service provider such as a lawyer, accountant, or business consultant to help you search for a Hong Kong company.

It is important to note that some of these options may require payment or registration before you can access the information.

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