In Hong Kong, the initial registration of a trademark is valid for a period of 10 years from the date of application. It is essential to pay a trademark renewal fee to maintain its protection, and you will need to renew it within specific timeframes. The trademark renewal fee can range from HKD 2,000 to several tens of thousands of HK dollars based on the renewal periods for trademarks in Hong Kong. Please contact us at Hong Kong Company Formation for consulting and support services related to trademark renewal. 

Here are the renewal periods for trademarks in Hong Kong:

  1. First Renewal: The first renewal of a trademark in Hong Kong is due at the end of the 10th year from the date of filing. You should submit the renewal application before the expiration date to ensure continuous protection.
  2. Subsequent Renewals: After the first renewal, subsequent renewals are required every 10 years. You must file the renewal application before the expiration of the current registration period to maintain the trademark’s protection.

It’s essential to keep track of the renewal dates for your trademark registration in Hong Kong and ensure the timely submission of renewal applications. Failure to renew a trademark within the specified timeframe may result in the loss of protection and rights associated with the trademark.

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