All companies incorporated in Hong Kong are obligated to maintain financial records of all transactions, which include profits, revenues, and expenses, as per the Hong Kong Government’s regulations.

Within 18 months from the incorporation date, all Hong Kong companies must file their initial tax report, which includes accounting and auditing reports. Additionally, annual financial statements for all Hong Kong companies, including Limited Liability companies, are required to be audited by external independent auditors who possess a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

At Hong Kong Company Formation Service, we provide Accounting & Auditing services to all clients who operate their businesses in Hong Kong. Our services include:

  1. Coordinating and providing advice for setting up custom accounting systems.
  2. Bookkeeping and preparation of annual accounts.
  3. Periodic generation of management accounts and reports.
  4. Preparation of budgets, cash flow, and forecasts.
  5. Ensuring compliance with Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) reporting requirements, if applicable.

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Accouting And Auditing

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