Dear Valued Clients and Partners,

In 2018, One IBC Limited was honored to be certified as a Trust or Company Service Provider in Hong Kong (TCSPs). After 3 years of operation and achieved many successes in the field of providing Company Services, Trust Services in Hong Kong, One IBC is proud to be a Professional Service Provider and a reliable partner of all businesses in the world.

One IBC has proven and committed to always comply with all regulations of the law so that the Registrar of Companies of Hong Kong will continue to issue Trust and Company Services Licenses (TCSPs) from 2021 – 2024.

New license issued to One IBC Limited (Operating in Hong Kong) for the provision of Trust or Company Service Provider Licence in Hong Kong (TCSP) 2021 - 2024

In addition, we always comply with the Consumer Regulations (CDD) and necessary record-keeping requirements under Schedule 2 of AMLO and the license issued by the Registrar of Companies. The licensing regime for Trust or Companies Service Providers (TCSPs) includes the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Financial Crimes Prevention Act.

One IBC is committed to providing the best consulting and support services to customers before and after establishing a company abroad. With our experience and certified service quality, we will help our clients go further in doing business abroad, ensuring compliance with regulations such as financial reporting, accounting and auditing for companies, office services, business licensing, intellectual property registration.

We always ensure the full legal basis and available resources to make sure that our clients can get the best support when setting up a company in Hong Kong – one of the leading financial and economic centers.