A corporation can be incorporated in Hong Kong with just HK$1. In Hong Kong, there is no specific requirement for a minimum share capital for a company to be incorporated. The concept of “authorized share capital” has been abolished, allowing companies to determine their share capital structure based on their needs and objectives. As a result, companies have the flexibility to set their own minimum share capital.

While there is no statutory minimum requirement, it is generally advisable for companies to have sufficient share capital to support their intended business activities. It is important to note that companies must ensure they have enough resources to meet their financial obligations, including operational expenses and potential liabilities.

Also, a company’s share capital can be adjusted after incorporation. Shareholders may choose to increase or decrease the share capital by following the necessary procedures and obtaining shareholder approval. It is essential to adhere to the regulations outlined in the Companies Ordinance and consult with legal or financial professionals to ensure compliance with the applicable laws.

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