In Hong Kong, the Employer Registration Number (ERN) is also referred to as the “Business Registration Number” This number is assigned to a company when it was registered for a Business Registration Certificate with the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department. The Employer Registration Number is a unique identifier for a business that is used for tax and government-related purposes.

Here’s how you can find the Employer Registration Number of a company:

  1. Business Registration Certificate: When a business was registered with the Business Registration Office, the company should have received a Business Registration Certificate. This certificate contains its Business Registration Number, which is also the Employer’s Registration Number (ERN).
  2. Correspondences from IRD: Any official letters, notices, or documents the company receives from the Inland Revenue Department might include the ERN. Check through any paperwork related to the business’s taxes or obligations.
  3. Login to eTAX: If you have an eTAX account, you can log in and access your business information. Your ERN (Business Registration Number) should be available in the relevant sections of your eTAX account.
  4. Contact IRD: If you’re unable to locate your ERN using the above methods, you can contact the Inland Revenue Department directly. They can provide you with the necessary information. You can reach out to them through their hotline or visit one of their local offices.
  5. Business Registration Office: You can visit the Business Registration Office of the Inland Revenue Department in person and inquire about ERN. They can assist you with retrieving the necessary information.
  6. Business Registration Online Search: The Hong Kong government provides an online search service where you can look up business registration information, including the ERN. This service can be accessed through the Hong Kong e-Government website.

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